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Stunning visuals are on the top of everyone’s mind when it comes to building a PC rig, but what about sound? Imagine being in an intense FPS game without accurate audio cues of your enemies’ footsteps, or listening to your favorite tunes but missing out on the intricate details of the different instruments that complete the harmonious melody. Audio breathes life into all types of media—games, music, and movies.

For any audio enthusiasts with a discerning taste for pristine audio quality, you know that your motherboard audio can only do so much.

For any audio enthusiasts with a discerning taste for pristine audio quality, you know that your motherboard audio can only do so much.

So, why Sound Blaster?

As the company who first broke the silence of the PC, we have more than 3 decades worth of audio legacy under our belt. Beyond 30 years of experience in audio development and more than 400 million Sound Blasters sold, we’ve made sure that we constantly deliver on what defines a Sound Blaster: Making audio personal for you. Because to us, sound is as emotive as it is subjective, and it is extremely intimate to each unique individual.

Over the years, we’ve had a tremendous run pushing the envelope on audio development, and we’re going to keep doing it. This is us—it is in our DNA, and you can trust us to keep redefining the possibilities of audio.

Acoustic Engine

Internal PCI-e DAC and Amp Sound Cards

Hands down—We make the best PCI-e cards available out there in the market. Have the ultimate battle station PC or a custom rig? You don’t need to look any further. The AE-Series is the holy grail of internal cards, providing you with technological features that satisfies even the most discerning user. Complete the mission. Get the best video AND audio.

What makes AE-Series the best

Every piece of Acoustic Engine product that we dish out is made up of 3 core components. Each component harnesses our unyielding pursuit of audio excellence and decades of audio expertise to deliver nothing but the best. Trust us when it comes to redefining the possibilities of audio that makes the AE-series truly the Best in PC Audio.

Xamp Headphone Bi-amp

Our custom-designed headphone amplifier that uses a dual-amp design to amplify each audio channel individually. The Xamp utilizes a push-pull output stage design from the first stage of amplification all the way to the last stage, delivering pristine, uncompromised audio. Regardless of how dynamic or demanding the audio scene may be, Xamp is capable of driving studio-grade headphones of up to 600Ω with an ultra-low 1Ω headphone output impedance.

Sound Core3D™ Chip

Just like how the CPU is seen as the ‘heart’ of a PC, the audio processor is the most integral part of a sound system, dedicated in performing complex computation and signal processing. Our Sound Core3D™ is a multi-core Sound and Voice processor chip with a low-power and energy efficient design that makes it ideal to deliver the best possible audio quality and superior performance in any audio entertainment devices.

Acoustic Engine Technologies

From our industry-leading 7.1 Surround Sound Virtualization, to usage-specific features that boosts important in-game audio cues like the Scout Mode, Bass that provides bigger punch on the low end, and CrystalVoice™ technology that enhances voice for clear recordings and in-game communications. The Acoustic Engine suite of audio technologies are designed to harness the power of the Sound Blaster chipset to supercharge your audio experience.

Sound Blaster Acoustic Engine (AE) Products



If you want top-notch sound quality and a wide range of recording options, the AE-9 is a clever all-in-one solution that justifies its premium price tag.

- Digital Foundry / Eurogamer

Our Crown Jewel; The Best in PC Audio

Our flagship internal sound card. The crème de la crème. Made with top-notch audiophile-grade components including the ESS SABRE-class 9038 DAC, Nichicon “Fine Gold” capacitors, and swappable op-amps, the Sound Blaster AE-9 is the ultimate PCI-e sound card that money can buy.

It features one of the best specs in the industry with a jaw-dropping clean 129 dB DNR audio stream at up to 32-bit / 384 kHz playback over PCM, DSD64, an incredibly low Total Harmonic Distortion of -120 dB (0.0001%), and also debuts our CleanLine Technology, designed to filter and isolate noise along the mic path for crystal clear voice communication.

To top it all off, AE-9 comes with an audio control module featuring a large LED display, an SBX button for you to turn on and off Sound Blaster processing directly, and a large multifunction control knob that lets you control your volume plus switch between headphones and speakers in an instant.


The bump in specification to a better quality DAC and inclusion of a breakout box make this not just a gamers’ card, but a budding content creator’s too.


The Forerunner

An audio powerhouse at its core that’s well worth its value, the Sound Blaster AE-7 delivers madly crisp and clear audio for the hardcore gamer or music enthusiast. Its quad-core processor, the ESS-SABRE-class 9018 DAC, is capable of a remarkably clean 127 dB DNR audio stream at up to 32-bit / 384 kHz PCM and DSD64 playback.

And it’s not a one-trick pony either. With an accompanying audio control module that is incorporated with a built-in mic array, input and output connectors for mic and headphones, as well as a volume control knob, it’s convenience at your fingertips.


Classical music enjoyed a larger soundstage. Gaming in Battlefield 1, using the Battlefield 1 profile, also sounded stellar. Creative Labs has long been among the best for position audio, so that’s no surprise.

- PC World

The Statement Piece

RGB your battle station rig and flaunt your style. With the AE-5 series, you can illuminate your gaming rig and set the mood with our Aurora Reactive Lighting System, programmable with up to 16.7 million colors in different patterns to boot.

Flamboyance aside, the AE-5 series also features a SABRE32 ultra-class DAC that drives extremely clean 122 dB DNR audio stream at up to 32-bit / 384 kHz PCM playback.

The AE-5 series have been upgraded to its Plus versions, and comes in 2 color variations, and RGB LED light strip(s):

Sound BlasterX AE-5 Plus

The enhanced version of the original AE-5 card that comes with 1 additional RGB LED light strip, and supports Dolby Digital Live and DTS Encoding.

Sound BlasterX AE-5 Plus Pure Edition

The white counterpart of the enhanced version. This card comes with 4 additional RGB LED light strips, and supports Dolby Digital Live and DTS Encoding.