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Is my phone compatible with the SXFI TRIO?

The SXFI TRIO has been designed to work with fully compliant USB-C Android phones, for example, the Google Pixel series.

Some phones display partial compatibility with the SXFI TRIO, and may have limited mic functionality:

  • Most Samsung phones implemented their USB-C differently from the Android standard, and thus exhibits mic compatibility issues. The music playback function is not affected.
  • The SXFI TRIO is not compatible with iPhones and older USB Micro-B phones.
Can I use the SXFI TRIO with an iPhone or iPad?
While the SXFI TRIO is not compatible with iPhones, it is compatible with the iPad via the USB-C port.
Does the SXFI TRIO have Bluetooth®?
No. The SXFI TRIO is for wired connectivity, via USB-C only.
Does SXFI TRIO require special content?
No, it works with all content, including your Spotify songs, YouTube in stereo, or actual surround sound content from movies. It will also work with mono content.
Can I redo my Super X-Fi profile by capturing the images of my ear and face another time?
Yes, you can do that anytime by tapping on the 'Personalize' menu item in the SXFI App. After you personalize your Super X-Fi profile again, you will need to plug in your SXFI TRIO to configure it with your new profile.